Tools for working with semantic version numbers.

v0.9.0 2014-02-02 15:39 UTC


A modular, extensible library for PHP >= 5.3 providing APIs to support parsing & manipulation of semantic version numbers, comparators, ranges & collections.

The Semantic Versioning Specification describes the semantics and precedence rules used when parsing & manipulating version numbers etc.

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    use ptlis\SemanticVersion\VersionEngine();

    $engine = new VersionEngine();

    $version = $engine->parseVersion('1.5.0-rc.1');
    echo $version->getMajor();  // '1'
    echo $version->getMinor();  // '5'
    echo $version->getPatch();  // '0'
    echo $version->getLabel()->getName();  // 'rc'
    echo $version->getLabel()->getVersion();  // '1'
    echo $version->getLabel()->getPrecedence();  // '3'
    echo $version;  // '1.5.0-rc.1'

    $comparatorVersion = $engine->parseComparatorVersion('>=2.0.0');
    echo $comparatorVersion->getComparator()->getSymbol(); // '>='
    $comparatorVersion->getVersion()... // As Version description above
    echo $comparatorVersion; // '>=2.0.0'

    $boundingPair = $engine->parseBoundingPair('>=1.0.0<2.0.0');
    $boundingPair->getUpper()... // As ComparatorVersion description above
    $boundingPair->getLower()... // As ComparatorVersion description above


  • Collections - probably require a factory of their own, for parsing etc

Known limitations

There currently are a few areas where this library deviates from the specification when dealing with labels & build metadata; this is to due to how the parsing of version-ranges is handled. However, having tested the parsing code against the complete list of packages scraped from packagist I found no packages affected by this.

Example semantic versions which are valid but the library is unable to parse:

  • 1.0.0-0.3.7
  • 1.0.0-beta-17