Tools for performing content negotiation.

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Content Negotiation for PHP.

This framework-independent library provides tooling to allow you to support content negotiation in your applications.

Supports negotiation on the Accept, Accept-Charset, Accept-Encoding and Accept-Language fields in a HTTP header.

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With composer:

$ composer require ptlis/conneg:~4.0.0


In a PSR-7 Project

If your application supports PSR-7 then the simplest way to get content negotiation is via the middlewares provided by ptlis/psr7-conneg.

In non PSR-7 Projects

First create a Negotiation instance. This provides methods to perform negotiation on client and server preferences.

use ptlis\ConNeg\Negotiation;

$negotiation = new Negotiation();

In most cases your application will only care about the best match, to get these we can use the *Best() methods.

For example, negotiation to decide whether to serve JSON or XML (preferring JSON) would look like:

$bestMime = $negotiation->mimeBest(

This will return a string representation of the best matching mime-type specified by the server's preferences, for example 'application/json'.

Negotiation of Language, Encoding & Charset can be done by using the appropriate method (languageBest, encodingBest & charsetBest respectively).

Note: server preferences a string-encoded as described in the documentation.

See the detailed usage docs for further (more complex) examples.


Full Documentation



You can contribute by submitting an Issue to the issue tracker, improving the documentation, integrating the library into your framework of choice or submitting a pull request. For pull requests i'd prefer that the code style and test coverage is maintained, but I am happy to work through any minor issues that may arise so that the request can be merged.


  • Time based negotiation? See RFC 7089