Php Simple Fast & Secure

2.0.1 2023-12-11 23:14 UTC


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Framework Php Simple Fast & Secure


  • php 8.0+
  • ext-gettext
  • ext-json
  • ext-curl
  • ext-gmp
  • ext-fileinfo

Components that PSFS install:

"propel/propel": "2.0.x-dev",
"symfony/console": "v6.x",
"symfony/finder": "v6.x",
"symfony/translation": "v6.x",
"twig/twig": "3.8.0",
"monolog/monolog": "3.x",
"matthiasmullie/minify": "1.3.71"

How to install using composer:

Install composer via: GetComposer

composer require psfs/core
./vendor/bin/psfs psfs:create:root
php -S -t ./html

How to use with Docker

docker-compose up .

Your could use some environment variables to manage the docker containers

- APP_ENVIRONMENT: (local|dev|...|prod) Define the staging for the run environment
- HOST_PORT: 8001 Define the port where you could expose the server
- DEBUG: -xdebug Loads a docker image with xdebug installed and configured, if empty it loads a default php image


* Framework documentation
    - PhpDoc for all files
* Testing
    - 100% tests coverage