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This module allows to upgrade your shop to a more recent version of PrestaShop. It can used as a CLI tool or with a web assistant. The latest versions of the module are compatible with all PrestaShop 1.7 and higher releases.


This module has a specific Release Process. If you do release a new version, make sure to follow it.


Branch develop contains code for future versions of the module, which allow upgrades from 1.7.x versions to higher.

Branch 4.14.x contains code for 4.14.x patch versions which allow upgrading from 1.6.x versions to 1.7.x .

If you wish to upgrade a shop powered by PrestaShop 1.6, please use the latest 4.14.3 version to upgrade to a 1.7 version. Upgrades from 1.6.x to 8.x should be done in 2 steps (1.6.x to 1.7.x then 1.7.x to 8.x).

Please note PrestaShop 1.6 and older are not maintained anymore.


  • PrestaShop 1.7 or 8
  • PHP 7.1+


All versions can be found in the releases list.

Create a module from source code

If you download a ZIP archive that contains the source code or if you want to use the current state of the code, you need to build the module from the sources:

  • Clone (git clone or download the source code. You can also download a release Source code (ex. v4.14.2). If you download a source code archive, you need to extract the file and rename the extracted folder to autoupgrade
  • Enter into folder autoupgrade and run the command composer install (composer).
  • Create a new ZIP archive from the of autoupgrade folder.
  • Now you can install it in your shop. For example, you can upload it using the dropzone in Module Manager back office page.

Running an upgrade on PrestaShop

Upgrading a shop can be done using:

  • the configuration page of the module (browse the back office page provided by the module)
  • in command line by calling the file cli-upgrade.php

Command line parameters

Upgrade can be automated by calling cli-upgrade.php. The following parameters are mandatory:

  • --dir: Tells where the admin directory is.
  • --channel: Selects what upgrade to run (minor, major etc.)
  • --action: Advanced users only. Sets the step you want to start from (Default: UpgradeNow, other values available).
$ php cli-upgrade.php --dir=admin-dev --channel=major

Rollback a shop

If an error occurs during the upgrade process, the rollback will be suggested. In case you lost the page from your backoffice, note it can be triggered via CLI.

Command line parameters

Rollback can be automated by calling cli-rollback.php. The following parameters are mandatory:

  • --dir: Tells where the admin directory is.
  • --backup: Select the backup to restore (this can be found in your folder <admin>/autoupgrade/backup/)
$ php cli-rollback.php  --dir=admin-dev --backup=V1.7.5.1_20190502-191341-22e883bd


Use Storybook for an interface overview

The Storybook folder contains a project allowing you to use Storybook to have an overview of the project interface under different versions of PrestaShop.

More information on the project README.


PrestaShop modules are open source extensions to the PrestaShop e-commerce platform. Everyone is welcome and even encouraged to contribute with their own improvements!

Just make sure to follow our contribution guidelines.

Reporting issues

You can report issues with this module in the main PrestaShop repository. Click here to report an issue.


Wording can be translated into the Crowdin project.


This module is released under the Academic Free License 3.0