Mattermost APi Client for PHP

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A PHP library providing a client for the REST API v4 of Mattermost.

This library allows developers to use Mattermost data as objects via a set of specific Models. Data related to Team, Channel, User, Posts and so on are converted to model objects to be easily used and manipulated. Error responses from the Mattermost API are also handled as specific domain exceptions.

Your IDE will be able to auto-complete and suggest model properties, thus lowering the barrier to start using the Mattermost APIs without reading the extensive API documentation.

Following the example of Friends of Api this library allows developers to use and extend the Hydrators used to parse the API responses. Those are responsible to transform the JSON returned by the API into Models (by default) or into other response types.

Model builders are included to facilitate the creation/update of models via the API.

Refer to the Changelog for the list of changes. The list of supported APIs endpoints are available in this Google Spreadsheet document.



composer require php-http/curl-client nyholm/psr7 php-http/message pnz/mattermost-client

This library does not have a dependency on Guzzle or any other library that sends HTTP requests. We use the awesome HTTPlug to achieve the decoupling. We want you to choose what library to use for sending HTTP requests. Consult this list of packages that support php-http/client-implementation find clients to use. For more information about virtual packages please refer to HTTPlug. Example:

composer require php-http/curl-client

You do also need to install a PSR-7 implementation and a factory to create PSR-7 messages (PSR-17 whenever that is released). You could use Nyholm PSR-7 implementation and factories from php-http:

composer require nyholm/psr7 php-http/message

Now you may install the library by running the following:

composer require pnz/mattermost-client

Usage example


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

$endpoint = 'http://mattermostserver.ext/api/v4';
$username = 'username';
$password = 'password';

$configurator = (new HttpClientConfigurator())
    ->setCredentials($username, $password);
$apiClient =  ApiClient::configure($configurator);

try {
    // Get the currently logged-in User; the "me" ID is a special one, as documented on APIs.
    $user = $apiClient->users()->getUserById('me');

Handling Mattermost entities

Specific Model Builders are available to help the creation of Mattermost entities.

As an example, to create a Team use a TeamBuilder() instance, add the desired fields and call build() to obtain the data needed to invoke the createTeam() API.

Create a Team:

use Pnz\MattermostClient\Model\Team;

$teamData = (new Team\TeamBuilder())
    ->setDisplayName('Team 01')

$team = $apiClient->teams()->createTeam($teamData);

The model builders can also be used to generate the data required to update or to patch a Mattermost entity.

Patch a Post:

use Pnz\MattermostClient\Model\Post;

$post = $apiClient->posts()->getPost('zhcapisftibyjnf54gixg3hdew');
$postData = (new Post\PostBuilder())
    ->setMessage('I can `format` the _text_ of a *message*, including [links](')

$post = $apiClient->posts()->patchPost($post->getId(), $postData);