Lucency for Big Data

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PMVC lucency growth hacking app


  • What is it?
    • When lucency's top frame not in same domain, we need prevent lucency to extra top frame data because corssdomain issue.
  • default: false
  • pass with GET ?if=1 -> disableIframe equal true

How to log startup time

  1. Log start up time in very begin.
<script>var startUpTime=new Date().getTime()</script>
<!-- ... your code -->
  1. Beacon will auto fire with view beacon

How to split tag template variable

Each tag have own namespace under data->lucency->tagname


disalbe canonical for facebook pixel debug


Install with Composer

1. Download composer

2. Install Use composer.json or use command-line directly

2.1 Install Use composer.json

  • vim composer.json
    "require": {
        "pmvc-app/lucency": "dev-master"
  • php composer.phar install

2.2 Or use composer command-line

  • php composer.phar require pmvc-app/lucency

Lucency family

Lucency Template for call remote app (GA, FB Pixel, Heap)

Lucency interaction package (fire beacon from client side)

Lucency plugin (for assign pvid)