Pure plugin framework (PMVC with PHP8), use anything you like. No mvc, http inside.




A simple MVC for unidirectional dataflow architecture.

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Getting Started

How to use?

plug( 'PluginName', ['option'] );

Plugin Hello world

  • Source Code
namespace PMVC\PlugIn\hello_world;
${_INIT_CONFIG}[_CLASS] = __NAMESPACE__.'\hello_world';
class hello_world extends \PMVC\PlugIn
    public function say()
        echo $this[0]."\n";
  • Used
\PMVC\plug('hello_world', ['Hello, PMVC.'])->say();

PlugIn features

  • addPlugInFolders
  • callPlugin
  • unPlug
  • rePlug
  • initPlugIn
  • plug

PlugIn Generator


PMVC Family

Explain addPlugInFolders

The last folder will have more high priority.

Such as

addPlugInFolders(['./a', './b'])

If folder a and folder b both have same plugin will apply with folder b.

Quick test

composer require pmvc/pmvc

Quick test with docker

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/var/www/html allfunc/pmvc-phpunit composer require pmvc/pmvc
  • vim test.php
 \PMVC\d("Hello There");
  • Run
docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/var/www/html allfunc/pmvc-phpunit php ./test.php

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