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Custom built SilverStripe installer with Foundation

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A custom installer for a SilverStripe based project, includes commonly used files and settings.


This installer requires you have the following:

  • Composer
  • NPM/nodeJS


  1. Use composer to quickly create a new project:
composer create-project plato-creative/plato-silverstripe-installer . @dev
  1. Install node modules via npm:
npm install
  1. Compile SCSS & Javascript
npm run prod

Compiling Tips

There are 3 default commands you can run: 2. npm run watch - this will compile like above but keep watching for changes. 3. npm run prod - this will compile all files with compression and all sorts or other goodies. And exclude and logs.

Tests via PHPUnit

To run PHPUnit and tests use:


Edit phpunit.xml to change default configuration.