A drag&drop form builder for sonata admin

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v0.40 2021-09-23 06:15 UTC


A Drag & Drop Form builder inspired from the Git package https://github.com/minikomi/Bootstrap-Form-Builder and adapted for Sonata-Admin with bootstrap v3 and Jquery

You need Bootstrap v3 and Jquery on your Javascript/CSS requirements and a recent Sonata Admin installation.


##Install the bundle

###Step 1: Download the bundle

You can download and put on your /src directory (like this src/Pirastru/FormBuilderBundle) or insert on your vendor directory with the follow command :

 php -dmemory_limit=1G ./composer.phar require  pirasterize/sonata-form-builder

If you have a >minimum-stability< error is because your symfony installation accept only stable packages. Edit composer.json file and change "minimum-stability" from "stable" to "dev" :

    "minimum-stability": "dev",

###Step 2: Enable the bundle

Insert the follow line on your AppKernel.php in your symfony :

    class AppKernel extends Kernel
        public function registerBundles()
            $bundles = array(
                // ...

                 new Gregwar\CaptchaBundle\GregwarCaptchaBundle(),
                 new Pirastru\FormBuilderBundle\PirastruFormBuilderBundle()

            // ...

        // ...

###Step 3: Configuration

Add the following configuration to your app/config/config.yml:

    gregwar_captcha: ~

Add the following configuration to your app/config/parameters.yml:

    formbuilder_email_from: jeanmichel@basquiat.com

###Step 4: Setup the database schema

    $php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force

###Step 5: Setup the routing

Append the following code to app/config/routing.yml or better to separate app/config/routing_admin.yml :

    resource: '@PirastruFormBuilderBundle/Controller/FormBuilderController.php'
    type:     annotation

###Step 6: Sonata admin setup

In order to have on your list of Admin entities the Form Builder you must put on your configuration file (this case app/config/sonata/sonata_admin.yml), inside of the directive of 'sonata_admin' the follow code :

                label: Form Builder
                    - pirastru_form_builder.admin

###Step 7: Sonata blocks setup

In order to have on the list of blocks the Form Builder Block available on a page put on your configuration file (app/config/sonata/sonata_block.yml) the follow line :


###Step 8: Install assets

Run the follow command on your console to install assets :

    $php app/console  assets:install

##To see the result

Check on your Sonata Admin Entities you should see the 'Form Builder' Menu than create a new drag&drop form. After that create a page from sonata page or edit an existing one and put from the list of available blocks the block called "Form Builder Drag&Drop". On Options choose the Form you just created, and take a look on the page.

##Building the bootstrap form builder Install RequireJS

npm install -g requirejs

And run following command in directory Resources/public/BootstrapFormBuilder:

r.js -o assets/js/lib/build.js


  • Fields in differents sizes
  • Translations
  • tests
  • remove form fields that are not needed in export - Button/Captcha/Privacycheck