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This demo package is intended to be used by Pimcore newcomers who want to learn Pimcore and see it in action. It's tailored get an overview of Pimcores CMS, DAM, PIM and E-Commerce functionality and can be used as a blue print for E-Commerce Applications built with Pimcore. If you are an experienced Pimcore developer, have a look at the Skeleton linked below instead.

Getting started

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer create-project pimcore/demo my-project
cd ./my-project


You can also use Docker to setup a new Pimcore Installation. You don't need to have a PHP environment with composer installed.


  • Your user must be allowed to run docker commands (directly or via sudo).
  • You must have docker-compose installed.
  • Your user must be allowed to change file permissions (directly or via sudo).

Follow these steps

  1. Initialize the demo project using the pimcore/pimcore image docker run -u `id -u`:`id -g` --rm -v `pwd`:/var/www/html pimcore/pimcore:php8.1-latest composer create-project pimcore/demo my-project
  2. Go to your new project cd my-project/
  3. Part of the new project is a docker compose file
    • Run echo `id -u`:`id -g` to retrieve your local user and group id
    • Open the docker-compose.yaml file in an editor, uncomment all the user: '1000:1000' lines and update the ids if necessary
    • Start the needed services with docker-compose up -d
  4. Install pimcore and initialize the DB docker-compose exec php vendor/bin/pimcore-install --mysql-host-socket=db --mysql-username=pimcore --mysql-password=pimcore --mysql-database=pimcore
    • When asked for admin user and password: Choose freely
    • This can take a while, up to 20 minutes
  5. ✔️ DONE - You can now visit your pimcore-demo:

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