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v1.0.1 2023-10-12 15:20 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-22 11:27:51 UTC


This bundle provides a central configuration and factory feature for creating elasticsearch clients to be used in other bundles.

It allows to configure one or more elasticsearch clients with different configuration settings. The corresponding settings are then registered as services and can be injected into any services.

Supported elasticsearch version: Elasticsearch 8


Install bundle via composer

composer require pimcore/elasticsearch-client

This bundle is a standard symfony bundle. If not required and activated by another bundle, it can be enabled by adding it to the bundles.php of your application.


The Configuration takes place in symfony configuration tree where multiple elasticsearch clients can be configured as follows. It is possible to configure one or more clients if necessary. By default, a default client with host set to localhost:9200 is available and can be customized.

For details on the configuration opens have a look at inline documentation via command bin/console config:dump-reference PimcoreElasticsearchClientBundle

Also see the Elasticsearch Docs for more information.

            hosts: ['elastic:9200']
            username: 'elastic'
            password: 'somethingsecret'
            logger_channel: 'pimcore.elasicsearch'
            hosts: ['statistics-node:9200']
            logger_channel: 'pimcore.statistics'
            #optional options
            ca_bundle: 'path/to/ca/cert'
            ssl_key: 'path/to/ssl/key'
            ssl_cert: 'path/to/ssl/cert'
            ssl_password: 'secretePW'
            ssl_verification: false #true is the default value
                proxy: 'http://localhost:8125'
            cloud_id: '123456789'
            api_key: 'secret-apikey'
            cloud_id: '123456789'
            api_key: 'secret-apikey'

Integration into other Bundles

For each of the configured clients, a client service is registered in the symfony container. The naming schema follows pimcore.elasticsearch_client.<CLIENT_CONFIGURATION_NAME>. These client services can be injected into and used by other services then.