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Command-line script to manage joomla sites

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Joomla-cli is a commandline tool to manage your Joomla websites.

For instance in our development / production environment we've build a Phing wrapper around it to deploy and install our Joomla! websites.

Install Joomla

vendor/bin/joomla-cli core:download --path=./public

--path defaults to joomla, can be whatever relative to the directory the command is executed.

--version defaults to latest stable e.g. 3.4.0, supports 3.3.* or exact version number.

With the --stable flag you can also install unstable versions e.g. 3.4.1-rc

Install DB

vendor/bin/joomla-cli core:install-db  --dbname="mydb" --dbuser="myuser" --dbpass="mypassword" --dbhost="localhost" --joomla-version="3.4.0"

This command is used to install the initial clean Joomla! database.

Other options:

--dbprefix to set the prefix for the Joomla! tables.

Database updates

vendor/bin/joomla-cli core:update-db --path=./public

This command uses the path to bootstrap the Joomla application and run the database migrations (if they are needed).

Install languages

vendor/bin/joomla-cli extension:language:install nl-NL --path=./public

This command uses the path to bootstrap the Joomla application and install the language.

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