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The archive package will intelligently load the correct adapter for the specified archive type. It knows how to properly handle the following archive types:

  • zip
  • tar | tgz | tbz2
  • gz | gzip
  • bz2 | bzip2

Loading files of the t* archive type will uncompress the archive using the appropriate adapter, and then extract via tar.


  • PHP 7.0 or later
  • zlib extension for GZip support
  • bz2 extension for BZip2 support


$options = array('tmp_path' => '/tmp');

$archive = new Joomla\Archive\Archive($options)

$archive->extract(__DIR__ . '/', __DIR__ . '/destination');

Overriding Adapters

If you have a custom adapter you would like to use for extracting, this package allows you to override the defaults. Just implement ExtractableInterface when creating your adapter, and then use the setAdapter method to override.

class MyZipAdapter implements \Joomla\Archive\ExtractableInterface
	public static function isSupported()
		// Do you test
		return true;

	public function extract($archive, $destination)
		// Your code

$archive = new Archive;

// You need to pass the fully qualified class name.
$archive->setAdapter('zip', '\\MyZipAdapter');

// This will use your
$archive->extract('', 'destination');

Installation via Composer

Add "joomla/archive": "~2.0" to the require block in your composer.json and then run composer install.

	"require": {
		"joomla/archive": "~2.0"

Alternatively, you can simply run the following from the command line:

composer require joomla/archive "~2.0"

If you want to include the test sources, use

composer require --prefer-source joomla/archive "~2.0"