A extension validator for phpBB extensions. Extensions are required to pass the validator when submitted to the extension database.





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This repository contains the extension pre-validator, used for pre validating extensions when submittion to the database at

Please note that EPV requires at least PHP 5.5

Using EPV

  1. Clone the repository

  2. Run:

    $ php composer.phar install

  3. You can run EPV on three different methods from the CLI:

    • php src/EPV.php run --git="GIT_REPO"
    • php src/EPV.php run --github="GITHUB_NAME"
    • php src/EPV.php run --dir="LOCAL DIRECTORY"
  4. You can use the --debug option to get some debug information.

  5. You can also use EPV from soon

  6. Titania will check when submitting to using EPV as well.



By contributing you agree to assign copyright of your code to phpBB Limited.

See LICENSE for the full license.

Maintenance and contributing

To contribute fork the repo, make your changes in a feature branch and send a pull request.

The site is maintained by the phpBB Extensions Team

Should you wish to report a bug report it at Issue tracker