Extremely small framework.

2.0.3 2023-04-05 21:19 UTC


PHP Composer Packagist MIT Licensed

About Tuppence

Tuppence is a very small micro framework that brings together a powerful PSR-11 dependency injection container, a fast PSR-7 router supporting PSR-15 middleware and a simple and effective PSR-14 event dispatcher all provided by The League of Extraordinary Packages.

Tuppence aims to be simple, lightweight and extremely flexible in order to provide the tools needed to quickly write web applications and APIs.


Its recommended to use Composer to install this framework and all required dependencies:

$ composer require photogabble/tuppence

Alternatively you can create a new project using the tuppence boilerplate via:

$ composer create-project photogabble/tuppence-boilerplate


Tuppence 2.0 requires PHP 8.0 or newer.

2.0 TODO List

  • Target minimum php version of ^8
  • Update usage of PHPUnit from 5.7.* to ^8.5
  • Replace Travis-CI with GitHub Actions
  • Replace usage of Zend\Diactoros with laminas/laminas-diactoros as per issue #3
  • Update usage of league/container from ^2.2 to ^4.2
  • Update usage of league/event from ^2.1 to ^3.0
  • Update usage of league/route from ^3.0 to ^5.1
  • Add tests for router DI
  • Add tests for Routing to controllers
  • Add documentation

Not invented here

Tuppence was first created as an update to and in inspiration from Proton by Alex Bilbie. It appears that in the many years since then the Proton repository has been deleted.