A guzzle specific client implementation for the Message Bird API.

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MessageBird Guzzle HTTP client implementation.

Allows you to replace the Message Bird HTTP Client with an implementation that uses the Guzzle HTTP Client. This means there is a more control over certain options in the client.


Via Composer

$ composer require phlib/messagebird-guzzle-client

Creating a HTTP Client

use Phlib\MbGuzzleClient\Http\Client;
use GuzzleHttp\Client as GuzzleClient;

$guzzleClient = new GuzzleClient($options = []);
$httpClient = new Client(MessageBird\Client::ENDPOINT, $guzzleClient);

Using the HTTP Client with MessageBird

$messageBird = new \MessageBird\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY', $httpClient);

// OR

$messageBird = new \Phlib\MbGuzzleClient\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY');
// Get you balance
$balance = $messageBird->balance->read();


HTTPClient injection through constructor is wrongfully reused

When constructing the MessageBird client with a custom HTTP client implementation, as is done here, the side effect is that the same client is used for API and Chat API endpoints.


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