A PHP 5.3+ wrapper for the Starcraft 2 API

1.1.0 2014-03-20 19:31 UTC


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What is this project about?

This project is an open-source PHP API wrapper for Blizzard Entertainment's Starcraft 2. It provides a clear and easy way to interface with the methods exposed for data mining purposes and allows developers to interact with native PHP objects and an extensible architecture in order to expose new functionality and data grouping, while having less to worry about data mapping.

What are the key features?

  • Support for PHP 5.3 and later.
  • Integration via Composer or stand-alone.
  • Extensible architecture, customisable for future needs.
  • Integrates with the Symfony 2 framework as a Bundle.
  • Very high standard of testing.
  • Very high code quality.
  • MIT License.
  • Built and supported with ♥ for an amazing community and an amazing game.

Project information

Please read more about the project on it's dedicated GitHub Page or read the documentation.