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Specify objects using attributes and scores

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Via Composer

$ composer require pbmedia/specifications


  • PHP 7.0 and 7.1.



This package lets you specify objects, for example products.

use Pbmedia\Specifications\HasSpecifications;
use Pbmedia\Specifications\Interfaces\CanBeSpecified;

class NotebookProduct implements CanBeSpecified {

    use HasSpecifications;


Set up Attribute and Score objects:

use Pbmedia\Specifications\Interfaces\Attribute;
use Pbmedia\Specifications\Interfaces\Score;

class DiskCapacityInGB implements Attribute
    public function getIdentifier()
        return 'DiskCapacityInGB';

class SizeInGB implements Score
    private $sizeInGB;

    public function __construct($sizeInGB)
        $this->sizeInGB = $sizeInGB;

    public function getValue()
        return $this->sizeInGB;

Now you can 'specify' you NotebookProduct like this:

$macbookAir = new NotebookProduct;

$attribute = new DiskCapacityInGB;
$score = new SizeInGB(256);

// returns an instance of \Pbmedia\Specifications\Specifications
$specifications = $macbookAir->specifications();
$specifications->set($attribute, $score);

Take a look at the docblocks of Specifications.php to see what else you can do with it. This package also comes with a Matcher service which can sort collections of specificable objects based on 'criteria' you provide.

$matcher = new \Pbmedia\Specifications\Matcher;

    $macbookAir, $macbookPro

// just as a product itself, add 'criteria' to compare against:
    new DiskCapacityInGB, new SizeInGB(512)

// get a collection of notebooks sorted based on which ones are most closely to the criteria.

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