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Helper to set-up shared PhpStorm configuration

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Scripts to set-up PhpStorm with shared configuration.


Each of us like to customise our developer experience – shortcuts, layout and other tremendously important things like color schemes. But some of the configuration is usually best to be shared with other team members:

  • customized code style, inspections, generated code templates;
  • directories configured by project's structure;
  • correct SQL dialect;
  • some plugins enabled for the project;
  • PHP interpreter as docker with correct image;
  • integration with any quality control tools;
  • external tools available to run;
  • configuration for servers to allow debugging;
  • some common plugins to be installed.

This allows more consistency in your team and avoids configuring everything for each member separately.

There is Settings repository feature in PhpStorm, but it does not synchronize most of such things, and it does synchronize some stuff that's supposed to be private (like color scheme).

There are also three different places where this configuration should be changed:

  • in .idea folder – files, that can be versioned. This library helps to make initial configuration easier;
  • in .idea folder, but in file, which should not be versioned. This requires script to be ran in each machine to modify that file;
  • in global PhpStorm configuration files – installed plugins and external tools. These are shared for all projects.


Download latest release of phpstorm-helper.phar from releases page.


curl -sLo phpstorm-helper
chmod +x phpstorm-helper
./phpstorm-helper self-update
sudo mv phpstorm-helper /usr/local/bin/phpstorm-helper

You will also need zip library to download and extract the plugins. To install on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install php-zip



Once (better to run when PhpStorm is closed):

phpstorm-helper configure-installation

For each project:

  • Close project
phpstorm-helper configure
  • Reopen project

Or, with more options:

phpstorm-helper configure --docker-image php-cli:7.4 --webpack-config-path config/webpack.js --server project-url-address.docker:80@/project-path-inside/container

Following runs for the same project can skip the options unless you want to change any of those.


As you already noted, there are 2 different use-cases:

  • setting up (possibly) versioned configuration files in .idea and modifying workspace.xml (which cannot be versioned). Library provides the defaults used for repositories made by Paysera – feel free to use those or customise with your own;
  • configuring external tools and installing common plugins, which is done in PhpStorm installation folder.

Setting up versioned configuration files

phpstorm-helper configure [project-root-dir] [path-to-configuration-template-structure]

Features of default configuration:

  • customized code style and generated code templates to be compatible with Paysera style guide;
  • customized inspections – some disabled, some optional ones enabled;
  • MariaDB SQL dialect;
  • Symfony plugin enabled for the project;
  • service names for Symfony service generation follows the conventions;
  • directories are marked as they should:
    • vendor directories not added as Git roots – no git update is called for libraries after Project update;
    • generated files are marked as excluded – you won't see duplicated find results;
    • configuration for vendors – vendors are excluded, but inside include path. This makes Scopes with following configuration:
      • Project Files (or In Project) – vendors are not included;
      • Project and Libraries – vendors are included. Choose Scope → Project and Libraries when searching;
  • PHP interpreter as docker with correct image. This allows to run unit tests using PhpStorm integration in the right environment;
  • php-cs-fixer integration – if something's wrong, it will be marked as Weak Warning.

Some features require additional options or already existing files (like .php_cs) in current directory. Run with --help for more information.

Configuring external tools and installing plugins

phpstorm-helper configure-installation [path-to-config-file]

path-to-config-file is path to php configuration file, which has the following structure:


use Paysera\PhpStormHelper\Entity\ExternalToolConfiguration;
use Paysera\PhpStormHelper\Entity\GlobalConfiguration;

return (new GlobalConfiguration())

        (new ExternalToolConfiguration())
            ->setName('Fix CS (debug)')
            ->setParameters('fix --diff --verbose --config=$ProjectFileDir$/.php_cs --dry-run "$FilePath$"')
    // copy direct links from plugin pages, for example
    // versions will get old, but prompt will appear to update the plugin
    // if plugin by that name already exists, no action will be taken

Alternatively, you can extend suggested configuration:


use Paysera\PhpStormHelper\Entity\SuggestedGlobalConfiguration;
use Paysera\PhpStormHelper\Entity\ExternalToolConfiguration;

return (new SuggestedGlobalConfiguration())

        (new ExternalToolConfiguration())
            ->setName('PHP server')

If you don't provide config path, our suggested global configuration is used.

Semantic versioning

This library follows semantic versioning.

See Symfony BC rules for basic information about what can be changed and what not in the API. Keep in mind, that in this bundle everything is @internal by default – only use the classes and methods marked with @api directly.

Any other files, including default configuration for the project, can also change with any release.

Default PhpStorm configuration, tools or plugins can change with any version number.

Running tests

composer update
composer test


Feel free to create issues and give pull requests.

You can fix any code style issues using this command:

composer fix-cs