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PHP CS Fixer config for Paysera conventions

2.5.1 2024-02-01 14:06 UTC


Library helps to fix PHP code to conform Paysera PHP style guide.



  • Add Paysera\\PhpCsFixerConfig\\Composer\\PhpCsFixerConfigProvider::copyPhpCs script to post-install-cmd and post-update-cmd or other scripts - just make sure this script is executed on composer install.

Install and check

  • composer require --dev paysera/lib-php-cs-fixer-config.
  • Make sure .php_cs file is in project directory.

No need to install php-cs-fixer itself as this library comes with binary version of the fixer. This avoids requiring it's dependencies inside your project, which could clash with existing ones.

To avoid duplication with php-cs-fixer library, it's named paysera-php-cs-fixer.

.php_cs files
  • .php_cs - all Paysera recommended fixers.
  • .php_cs_risky - all risky fixers except recommendations (comment warnings).
  • .php_cs_safe - all non risky fixers.

Migration mode

For new projects you can just use all the rules as usual.

For existing projects we recommend turning on the migration mode:

  1. Add call to enableMigrationMode([]) to PayseraConventionsConfig instance in your .php_cs file.
  2. Run {your-bin-dir}/php-cs-fixer - it will give error with initial rule configuration to pass into that method. Just copy-and-paste it to your .php_cs file.
  3. Enable one of the rules, apply fixes in the project, review and test them.
  4. Repeat with each new rule.

This allows to control which rules are enabled in the project thus letting manually tune the fixes already applied in the repository and forced for the new code. Also your commits will be more focused as each of them will include only changes from a single fixer.

All rules are to be configured to allow easily spotting new rules in case they would be added (or removed) into the core.

Running fixer with tests

For comments or suggestions for developers you should use default .php_cs file with all the rules.

For automatic checks there might be some false-positives so .php_cs_risky should be used in such cases.

You can look at .travis.yml file in this repository for integration with travis on each pull request of your repository (this will run the checks only for changed files).


Run in project directory by command: {your-bin-dir}/php-cs-fixer fix /path/to/code --verbose --dry-run --diff

Use --config=.php_cs flag for custom configuration.

If /path/to/code is not defined php-cs-fixer will run files from default src directory excluding Test folders.

--verbose - show the applied rules. When using the txt format it will also displays progress notifications.

A combination of --dry-run and --diff will display a summary of proposed fixes, leaving your files unchanged.

--format option for the output format. Supported formats are txt (default one), json, xml and junit.

More information: PHP CS Fixer