Conversion Tools is a Terminus plugin that contain commands to convert a standard Drupal site into a composer managed one.

0.1.3 2022-04-22 21:13 UTC


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Terminus 3.x Compatible

The main purposes of the Conversion Tools project are to ease the conversion of a Drupal based site into a composer managed Drupal site.

Adds the following Terminus commands:

  • conversion:advise
  • conversion:composer
  • conversion:update-from-deprecated-upstream
  • conversion:push-to-multidev
  • conversion:release-to-dev
  • conversion:restore-dev
  • conversion:enable-ic
  • conversion:import-site
  • conversion:validate-gitignore

Learn more about Terminus Plugins in the Terminus Plugins documentation


In active development


  • Run terminus conversion:advise to analyze the current state of the site and give advice on the next steps
  • Run terminus conversion:composer to convert a standard Drupal site into a Drupal site managed by Composer
  • Run terminus conversion:update-from-deprecated-upstream to convert a "drupal-project" upstream-based site into a "drupal-recommended" upstream-based one
  • Run terminus conversion:push-to-multidev to push the converted site to a multidev environment
  • Run terminus conversion:release-to-dev to release a converted Drupal site managed by Composer to the dev environment
  • Run terminus conversion:restore-dev to restore the dev environment branch to its original state
  • Run terminus conversion:enable-ic to enable Pantheon Integrated Composer for the site
  • Run terminus conversion:import-site to create a site based on "drupal-recommended" upstream from imported code, database, and files
  • Run conversion:validate-gitignore to validate Git/Composer project and update .gitignore file accordingly


To install this plugin using Terminus 3:

terminus self:plugin:install terminus-conversion-tools-plugin