Drush global extension to run Site Audit checks on Drush 8 and 9

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1.2.2 2020-06-18 15:54 UTC


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This is an experimental Drush extension.

Goal: Create a Global Drush command that runs all of the checks in the Site Audit 2.x branch.

Potential future goal: Share checks between the Global Drush command in the Site Audit 3.x branch.

See the #3052993 in the Site Audit issue queue.


Ideally, this Drush command will become a dependency of the Site Audit module; if that happens, it will be available once the Site Audit module is installed into a Composer-managed site.

You may also install this module to any location that Drush searches for global or site-local commands. It does not need its vendor directory.


In development, clone this repository, then set up the System Under Test (sut) via:

composer install
composer drupal:scaffold

That will set up your local project to run and test with Drush 9. To use Drush 8 instead:

composer scenario drush8

The Composer Test Scenarios project is used to manage the Composer dependencies needed to test different scenarios of this project. Running composer scenario is like running composer install; it will install the appropriate dependencies for the requested testing scenario. Run composer install to return to the default installation.

To use this extension as a global Drush command, set up your global drush.yml file as follows:

      - '${env.home}/path/to/drush-extensions'

Then install this project to ~/path/to/drush-extensions/Commands/site-audit-tool

Running Tests

Set up for 'development' as described in "Development" section. Then, run:

composer test

Ad-hoc Testing

In development:

composer drush audit:best-practices

This will run the given Drush command against a local test Drupal site, the "system under test". Run the tests once to install the Drupal site.