PHP Opcache management for TYPO3

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0.0.5 2023-05-15 11:26 UTC


TYPO3 Opcache Control CI

Provides CLI commands for PHP Opcache management within TYPO3. This is essential to e.g. reset the Opcache on deployments.

Since the web Opcache is managed, resetting the Opcache is essentially the same as the related action in the TYPO3 backend.


Via Composer:

composer require pagemachine/typo3-opcache-control

Site setup

The CLI commands internally perform real HTTP requests. For this all site configurations must use full URLs for their base. A basic / will not work:

-base: /

The same goes for baseVariants and %env()% placeholders which can be used for different URLs per environment.


Use the TYPO3 CLI or TYPO3 Console to execute Opcache control commands.

The Opcache status can be checked using the opcache:status command:

$ typo3cms opcache:status
| opcache_enabled           | true             |
# ...

The Opcache can be reset using the opcache:reset command:

$ typo3cms opcache:reset
Success: opcache reset

The commands are executed with real HTTP requests, thus at least one valid site must be set up.


All tests can be executed with the shipped Docker Compose definition:

docker-compose run --rm app composer build