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Mercado Pago SDK for PHP

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This library provides developers with a simple set of bindings to help you integrate Mercado Pago API to a website and start receiving payments.

πŸ’‘ Requirements

PHP 5.6, 7.1 or higher

πŸ“² Installation

First time using Mercado Pago? Create your Mercado Pago account, if you don’t have one already.

  1. Download Composer if not already installed

  2. On your project directory run on the command line composer require "mercadopago/dx-php:2.2.1" for PHP7 or composer require "mercadopago/dx-php:1.9.0" for PHP5.6.

  3. Copy the access_token in the credentials section of the page and replace YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN with it.

That's it! Mercado Pago SDK has been successfully installed.

🌟 Getting Started

Simple usage looks like:

    require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'; // You have to require the library from your Composer vendor folder

    MercadoPago\SDK::setAccessToken("YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"); // Either Production or SandBox AccessToken

    $payment = new MercadoPago\Payment();
    $payment->transaction_amount = 141;
    $payment->token = "YOUR_CARD_TOKEN";
    $payment->description = "Ergonomic Silk Shirt";
    $payment->installments = 1;
    $payment->payment_method_id = "visa";
    $payment->payer = array(
      "email" => ""


    echo $payment->status;

πŸ“š Documentation

Visit our Dev Site for further information regarding:

Check our official code reference to explore all available functionalities.

❀️ Support

If you require technical support, please contact our support team at

🏻 License

MIT license. Copyright (c) 2018 - Mercado Pago / Mercado Libre 
For more information, see the LICENSE file.