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The Company Bundle adds company information via Insert-Tags, social media information and a logo module for websites and different website roots.

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Working with Contao 4.13 and Contao 5.1 (PHP ^8.1)

The company bundle allows you to manage company details for one or more companies provided in the contao settings and website roots. Company details stored in the settings are used as a fallback if specific company details are missing in the involved website roots. Company details can be displayed dynamically by using the provided company modules (social-media-list & logo) or alternatively by using the provided company insert tags. You can display company details dynamically simply by using the provided company modules or alternatively by using a company insert tag.


  • Compatible with Contao 4.13 and higher versions (PHP 8 Support)
  • Easy setup for company details
  • All company details can be overwritten within website roots
  • Fallback company details
  • Insert tags
  • Logo module
    • Href works with prepend locale and different website roots
  • Social media lists


Via composer

composer require oveleon/contao-company-bundle

Via contao-manager

Search for contao company bundle and add it to your extensions.

After installing the contao-company-bundle, you need to run a contao install.


Setup company details

  1. Go to System > Settings and navigate to the palette: Company-details

    Admin View: Company Details

  2. Type in your company details to be used with insert-tags and save the changes

  3. Additionally you can select a logo and create multiple social media entries

  4. If you want to overwrite your company-details for different website roots, go to Layout > Site structure > Edit page (Root page) and navigate to the palette: Company-details. Keep in mind that saving these will overwrite the modules and insert-tags for this root page.

Logo module

  1. Create the front-end module Logo
  2. Set up an image size
  3. Embed the module within your layout (e.g. header-section) or in your articles

Social media list

  1. Create the front-end module Social media list
  2. Choose a template (Default or nolabel)
  3. Embed the module within your articles
  4. (Additionally you can choose the template nolabel and style them with an icon font)

Insert tags

Your company information can be displayed using following insert-tags.

For more information on Insert tags, please visit the official Contao documentation.



Company details

Company details
Insert tag Description
{{company::name}} Displays the company name
{{company::street}} Displays the street
{{company::postal}} Displays the postal
{{company::city}} Displays the city
{{company::state}} Displays the state
{{company::country}} Displays the country
{{company::phone}} Displays Phone Number 1
{{company::phone2}} Displays Phone Number 2
{{company::fax}} Displays the Fax Number
{{company::email}} Displays E-mail address 1
{{company::email2}} Displays E-mail address 2
{{company::info}} Displays Info 1
{{company::info2}} Displays Info 2


Additional insert-tags
Insert tag Description
{{company::tel}} Creates a phone link from Phone1
<a href="tel:01234567890">0123 / 45 67 890</a>
{{company::tel2}} Creates a phone link from Phone2
<a href="tel:01234567890">0123 / 45 67 890</a>
{{company::mailto}} Creates a mailto link from E-Mail address 1
<a href="mailto:info@oveleon.de">info@oveleon.de</a>
{{company::mailto2}} Creates a mailto link from E-Mail address 2
<a href="mailto:info@oveleon.de">info@oveleon.de</a>
{{company::address}} Displays the full address: Street, Postal City
{{company::countrycode}} Displays the ISO 639-1 country code from Country
{{company::vcard_url}} Generates a vcard out of the company data

Front end modules

Logo (Company)

Displays the saved company logo.

The image for the logo-module is set up within the system or root page settings.

Social media list (Company)

Displays the company social media.

The social media list is set up within the system or root page settings.

Adding custom social media

The social media platforms within the select box are generated from the file:


You are able to add new social-media by creating a translation file and uploading them on your server as shown below:

Contao root files

Admin View: Adding new socials

Company Settings

Admin View: Socials


We only provide support for bugs, and feature requests; please only post issues about these two topics.

If you need help implementing Contao Company Bundle or you are just starting out with Contao/CSS or HTML, please contact us on our website, visit the Contao Community or the Contao Slack, you will be able to find more help there.

This will help us to keep the issues related to this plugin and solve them faster.


If you find this plugin useful, please consider sponsoring us to help contribute to our time invested and to further development of this and other open source projects. Thank you for your support! - Oveleon.