This VCard PHP class can generate a vCard with some data. When using an iOS device it will export as a .ics file because iOS devices don't support the default .vcf files.

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VCard PHP library

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This VCard PHP library can generate a vCard with some data. When using an iOS device < iOS 8 it will export as a .ics file because iOS devices don't support the default .vcf files.

NOTE: We are working on a complete new version to work with vCard version 4.0, with extreme good code quality. Check out the new version



composer require jeroendesloovere/vcard

This will install the latest version of vcard with Composer


use JeroenDesloovere\VCard\VCard;

// define vcard
$vcard = new VCard();

// define variables
$lastname = 'Desloovere';
$firstname = 'Jeroen';
$additional = '';
$prefix = '';
$suffix = '';

// add personal data
$vcard->addName($lastname, $firstname, $additional, $prefix, $suffix);

// add work data
$vcard->addJobtitle('Web Developer');
$vcard->addRole('Data Protection Officer');
$vcard->addPhoneNumber(1234121212, 'PREF;WORK');
$vcard->addPhoneNumber(123456789, 'WORK');
$vcard->addAddress(null, null, 'street', 'worktown', null, 'workpostcode', 'Belgium');
$vcard->addLabel('street, worktown, workpostcode Belgium');

$vcard->addPhoto(__DIR__ . '/landscape.jpeg');

// return vcard as a string
//return $vcard->getOutput();

// return vcard as a download
return $vcard->download();

// save vcard on disk

View all examples or check the VCard class.

Parsing examples

The parser can either get passed a VCard string, like so:

// load VCardParser classes
use JeroenDesloovere\VCard\VCardParser;

$parser = new VCardParser($vcardString);
echo $parser->getCardAtIndex(0)->fullname; // Prints the full name.

Or by using a factory method with a file name:

$parser = VCardParser::parseFromFile('path/to/file.vcf');
echo $parser->getCardAtIndex(0)->fullname; // Prints the full name.

View the parsing example or check the the VCardParser class class.

Support for frameworks

I've created a Symfony Bundle: VCard Bundle

Usage in for example: Laravel

return Response::make(


vendor/bin/phpunit tests


The class is well documented inline. If you use a decent IDE you'll see that each method is documented with PHPDoc.


Contributions are welcome and will be fully credited.

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The module is licensed under MIT. In short, this license allows you to do everything as long as the copyright statement stays present.