Modular Content Management System.

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Hoopless is a content management system.

It a web curator's super power.

It aims to make static and dynamic content easy to build and maintain.

<partial name="Page">
    <partial name="PageHeader" title="About" tier="2" image="/assets/images/dimension/800x300/offset/0,-20/gallery/developer.jpg"/>

    <partial name="PageContent">
        <partial name="PageMainContent" class="editable">
           Hello, World!

        <partial name="PageSideBar">
            <partial name="QuickLinks" class="editable">
                <a href="/hello-world">
                    Learn More

    <partial name="PageFooter" />

Hoopless is modular and built on shoulders of these open-source packages:

  • Symfony: Performs annotated auto routing, dependency injection, and more.
  • React: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • PHPMarkup: A markup abstraction layer to super power page editing, reduce technical debt, and create dialect for the team to communicate design.
  • DynamoImage: Automatically resizes and caches images to request.
  • Doctrine ORM: A object–relational mapping for converting data between the application and data layer.
  • Doctrine Migrations: Syncs entity changes with data layer and manages data layer changes.
  • Twig: Templating engine.
  • Bootstrap: CSS framework for responsive mobile-first sites.
  • TinyMCE: TinyMCE for page editing.
  • Monolog: Logger.
  • SCSSPHP: Rebuild SCSS changes on the fly.