Optimizely PHP SDK for Optimizely Feature Experimentation, Optimizely Full Stack (legacy), and Optimizely Rollouts


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This repository houses the PHP SDK for use with Optimizely Feature Experimentation and Optimizely Full Stack (legacy).

Optimizely Feature Experimentation is an A/B testing and feature management tool for product development teams that enables you to experiment at every step. Using Optimizely Feature Experimentation allows for every feature on your roadmap to be an opportunity to discover hidden insights. Learn more at Optimizely.com, or see the developer documentation.

Optimizely Rollouts is free feature flags for development teams. You can easily roll out and roll back features in any application without code deploys, mitigating risk for every feature on your roadmap.

Get Started

Refer to the PHP SDK's developer documentation for detailed instructions on getting started with using the SDK.


To access the Feature Management configuration in the Optimizely dashboard, please contact your Optimizely account executive.

SDK version 4.0.0 requires PHP8+. SDK version 3 requires PHP5.5+ up to PHP7.

Install the SDK

The Optimizely PHP SDK can be installed through Composer. Please use the following command:

php composer.phar require optimizely/optimizely-sdk

Use the PHP SDK


Create the Optimizely client, for example:

$optimizely = new Optimizely(<<DATAFILE>>);

Or you may also use OptimizelyFactory method to create an optimizely client using your SDK key, an optional fallback datafile and an optional datafile access token. Using this method internally creates an HTTPProjectConfigManager. See HTTPProjectConfigManager for further detail.

$optimizelyClient = OptimizelyFactory::createDefaultInstance("your-sdk-key", <<DATAFILE>>, <<DATAFILE_AUTH_TOKEN>>);

To access your HTTPProjectConfigManager:

$configManager = $optimizelyClient->configManager;

Or you can also provide an implementation of the ProjectConfigManagerInterface in the constructor:

$configManager = new HTTPProjectConfigManager(<<SDK_KEY>>);
$optimizely = new Optimizely(<<DATAFILE>>, null, null, null, false, null, $configManager);


ProjectConfigManagerInterface exposes getConfig method for retrieving ProjectConfig instance.


HTTPProjectConfigManager is an implementation of ProjectConfigManagerInterface interface.

The fetch method makes a blocking HTTP GET request to the configured URL to download the project datafile and initialize an instance of the ProjectConfig.

Calling fetch will update the internal ProjectConfig instance that will be returned by getConfig.

Use HTTPProjectConfigManager

$configManager = new HTTPProjectConfigManager(<<SDK_KEY>>);

SDK key

Optimizely project SDK key; required unless source URL is overridden.

A notification will be triggered whenever a new datafile is fetched and ProjectConfig is updated. To subscribe to these notifications, use the $notificationCenter->addNotificationListener(NotificationType::OPTIMIZELY_CONFIG_UPDATE, $updateCallback).

SDK Development

Unit Tests

You can run all unit tests with:




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