This bundle provides an easy integration of for Contao 4.4.x and newer.

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This Contao bundle provides an easy integration of for Contao 4.4.x and newer.

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In the first place, this is an "wrapper extension" for the sentry/sentry-symfony bundle. Therefore, you need to configure this bundle as you would configure the sentry/sentry-symfony bundle: Documentation

Recommended configuration

If you also want to report the system log errors to Sentry, this is the recommended configuration:

  dsn: ""
  register_error_listener: false
        $hub: '@Sentry\State\HubInterface'
        $level: !php/const Monolog\Logger::ERROR # Can be one of, but System::log() only uses INFO or ERROR
        $bubble: false

      type: service
      id: Sentry\Monolog\Handler
      priority: 100 # Higher priority than ContaoTableHandler which will stop handling afterwards (bubbling is set to true)
      bubble: false # Use bubble: true if you don't want the logs to show up in the system log (bubbling means, no monolog handlers will run afterwards)

User feedback

On the other hand you might want to implement the User feedback feature of sentry. The user feedback is primarily useful to let the users know that you've gotten notified about the issue and to let users give the opportunity to add some comments.

In order to integrate this feature, you have to alter the error page template. Place a copy of vendor/contao/core-bundle/src/Resources/views/Error/layout.html.twig in the directory app/Resources/ContaoCoreBundle/views/Error/.

Modify the copied template and place the following snippet just before the closing </body> tag:

{% set sentry_id = ''|sentry_last_event_id %}
{% if sentry_id %}
    <script src=""
        Sentry.init({dsn: '{{ ''|sentry_dsn }}'});
        Sentry.showReportDialog({eventId: '{{ sentry_id }}'})

        // You can also bind the "show" method to an event, e.g. to open the modal on button click
        {#document.querySelector('.btn-report').addEventListener('click', function (e) {#}
        {#    e.preventDefault();#}
        {#    Sentry.showReportDialog({eventId: '{{ sentry_id }}'})#}
{% endif %}

User Feedback in action