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Elastic search Module for Zend Framework 2 applications based on Doctrine's ObjectManager

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OcraElasticSearch Module

WIP: this library is under heavy development - use it at your own risk until I tag a stable release!

This library is a small integration layer between Zend Framework 2, Doctrine's Object managers (ORM/ODM being equally supported) and ElasticSearch.

It uses Elastica as an adapter to communicate with the ElasticSearch server, and can handle runtime conversion of any mapped POPO to an ElasticSearch document. It also provides logic to fetch ElasticSearch documents and look them up in the currently configured ObjectManager


Typical installation method is through composer:

php composer.phar require ocramius/ocra-elastic-search:1.0.*

The basic working concept can be summarized in the following graph:

![OcraElasticSearch basic working concept](http://yuml.me/diagram/scruffy;/class/[ObjectManager]writes->[ElasticSearch], [ElasticSearch]reads->[ObjectManager], [Zend Framework 2]consumes->[ObjectManager], [Zend Framework 2]consumes->[ElasticSearch].svg)


Please refer to the docs/ directory to get started