PHP Client Library for the Nuxeo Automation API

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Nuxeo PHP Client

The Nuxeo PHP Client is a PHP client library for Nuxeo Rest API.

This is supported by Nuxeo and compatible with Nuxeo LTS 2015 and latest Fast Tracks.



Stuck with an old PHP version ? Have a look at v1.5, it offers limited but effective support and requires PHP 5.3+

Getting Started


  • Download a Nuxeo server (the zip version)

  • Unzip it

  • Linux/Mac:

    • NUXEO_HOME/bin/nuxeoctl start
  • Windows:

    • NUXEO_HOME\bin\nuxeoctl.bat start
  • From your browser, go to http://localhost:8080/nuxeo

  • Follow Nuxeo Wizard by clicking 'Next' buttons, re-start once completed

  • Check Nuxeo correctly re-started http://localhost:8080/nuxeo

    • username: Administrator
    • password: Administrator

Library import

Download the latest build Nuxeo PHP Client main.

Download the latest stable GitHub release (latest SemVer).


  "require": {
    "nuxeo/nuxeo-php-client": "~2.0"


Creating a Client

The following documentation and samples applies for the 1.5 and newer versions. Calls to the Automation API for previous versions of the client will require adjustments.

For a given url:

$url = 'http://localhost:8080/nuxeo';

And given credentials:

use Nuxeo\Client\NuxeoClient;

$client = new NuxeoClient($url, 'Administrator', 'Administrator');

Options can be set on client or API objects. This ensure inheritance and isolation of options on the object whose options are applied. As it, the client gives its options to API objects.

// To define global schemas, global enrichers and global headers in general
$client = $client->schemas("dublincore", "common")
  ->enrichers('document', ['acls'])
// For defining all schemas
$client = $client->schemas("*");
// For changing authentication method

use Nuxeo\Client\Auth\PortalSSOAuthentication;
use Nuxeo\Client\Auth\TokenAuthentication;

// PortalSSOAuthentication with nuxeo-platform-login-portal-sso
$client = $client->setAuthenticationMethod(new PortalSSOAuthentication($secret, $username));

// TokenAuthentication
$client = $client->setAuthenticationMethod(new TokenAuthentication($token));

// OAuth2Authentication
// The PHP client doesn't implement OAuth2 authorization flow as 
// it depends completely on the architecture choices of your app.
// To help understanding and implement, please find a sample SF4 app under intergation/oauth2.
// Once the authorization flow is ready and you have an access token,
// you can use the OAuth2Authentication in the PHP client:
$client = $client->setAuthenticationMethod(new OAuth2Authentication($accessToken));


Automation API

To use the Automation API, Nuxeo\Client\NuxeoClient#automation() is the entry point for all calls:

// Fetch the root document
$result = $client->automation('Repository.GetDocument')->param("value", "/")->execute();
// Type auto-detected and cast as Nuxeo\Client\Objects\Document
// Execute query
$operation = $client->automation('Repository.Query')->param('query', 'SELECT * FROM Document');
$result = $operation->execute();
// Type auto-detected and cast as Nuxeo\Client\Objects\Documents
use Nuxeo\Client\Objects\Blob\Blob;
use Nuxeo\Client\Objects\Blob\Blobs;

// To upload|download blob(s)

$fileBlob = Blob::fromFile('/local/file.txt', 'text/plain');
$blob = $client->automation('Blob.AttachOnDocument')->param('document', '/folder/file')->input($fileBlob)->execute(Blob::class);

$inputBlobs = new Blobs();
$inputBlobs->add('/local/file1.txt', 'text/plain');
$inputBlobs->add('/local/file2.txt', 'text/plain');
$blobs = $client->automation('Blob.AttachOnDocument')->param('xpath', 'files:files')->param('document', '/folder/file')->input($inputBlobs)->execute(Blobs::class);

$resultBlob = $client->automation('Document.GetBlob')->input('folder/file')->execute(Blob::class);
use Nuxeo\Client\Objects\Document;

class MyBusinessClass extends Nuxeo\Client\Objects\Document {

// Unserialize document in a custom class
$operation = $client->automation('Document.Fetch')->param('value', '0fa9d2a0-e69f-452d-87ff-0c5bd3b30d7d');
$result = $operation->execute(MyBusinessClass::class);
use Nuxeo\Client\Objects\Document;
use Nuxeo\Client\Objects\Operation\DocRef;

// Enforce type of a property
$doc = $client->automation('Document.Fetch')->param('value', '0fa9d2a0-e69f-452d-87ff-0c5bd3b30d7d')->execute(Document::class);
$property = $doc->getProperty('custom:related', DocRef::class);
Repository API
// Fetch the root document
$document = $client->repository()->fetchDocumentRoot();
// Fetch document by path
$document = $client->repository()->fetchDocumentByPath('/folders_2');
// Create a document
$document = Objects\Document::create()
  ->setProperty('dc:title', 'Some title');
// Update a document
$repository = $client->repository(); 
$document = $repository->fetchDocumentByPath('/note_0');
document->setPropertyValue("dc:title", "note updated");
$repository->updateDocumentByPath('/note_0', $document);
// Delete a document
// Get current user used to connect to Nuxeo Server
/** @var \Nuxeo\Client\Objects\User\User $user */
$user = $client->userManager()->fetchCurrentUser();
// Create User
$userManager->createUser((new User())
      ->setFirstName('Thomas A.')
//Update user
//Attach user to group
$userManager->attachGroupToUser('username', 'group_name');
$userManager->attachUserToGroup('group_name', 'username');
// Fetch current user workflow tasks
/** @var \Nuxeo\Client\Objects\Workflow\Tasks $tasks */
$tasks = $client->workflows()->fetchTasks();


The main exception type is Nuxeo\Client\Spi\NuxeoClientException and contains:

  • The HTTP error status code (666 for internal errors)

  • An info message


We provide a docker-compose.yml for quick testing

Just install docker-compose and run docker-compose up, you'll have a nuxeo running on http://localhost:9081/ and nginx on http://localhost:9080/

You can access the samples with http://localhost:9080/samples/B1.php for example.

Contributing / Reporting issues

We are glad to welcome new developers, and even simple usage feedback is great


Apache License, Version 2.0

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