Novactive eZ Mailing Bundle is an eZ Platform bundle that provides mailing features

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This repository is what we call a "subtree split": a read-only copy of one directory of the main repository. It is used by Composer to allow developers to depend on specific bundles.

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Send eZ Contents by email based on the Mailing + Campaign configuration to a group of users (Mailing Lists)


  • Campaign:

    • A container of Mailing
    • With common metadata like
      • Sender (email and name)
      • Report email
    • Limited by Siteaccess
    • Related to Mailing Lists
    • Associated with Content
  • Mailing:

    • A Content to be send
    • A sending date or a frequency
  • Mailing List:

    • A container of Users
  • User:

    • Hold the data of a User (not a eZ User)
  • Registration:

    • An association of a User and a Mailing List
  • Broadcast:

    • A record of a Mailing being sent to the Users of the Mailing Lists related to its Campaign
    • Containing the metadata (date, number of recipients etc.)
  • A StatHit:

    • A record that tracks
      • email openings
      • click on URLs


Novactive eZ Mailing allows you to: Send eZ Contents by email based on the Mailing + Campaign configuration to a group of users (Mailing Lists)

At a glance:

  • Registration management

    • user information
    • registration and unregistration form (with confirmation email)
    • registration approbation (optional on a Mailing List)
  • eZ Platform 2.x Admin UI

  • Campaign management (CRUD)

    • Mailing (newsletter) management (CRUD)
      • one shot
      • recurrence
    • Mailing List management (CRUD)
    • Statistics and charts (open emails, clicks etc.)
    • Test a Mailing
  • Users

    • Import into Mailing List
    • Export
  • Multilingual

  • SiteAccess Aware (and SiteAccess Limitations)

  • Tracking

  • Personnalization

  • A mailer for the Mailings

  • A mailer for the Service Emails

Mailing Workflow

Here is the possible status changements of a Mailing.

Mailing Status Workflow

Usage and installation instructions





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