Heimdall is a code-driven authorization system for Laravel.

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Heimdall is a package that aims to be an easy to use code-driven authorization system for Laravel. It is built upon the roles and permissions concepts.



Install this package using Composer:

composer require norse-blue/laravel-heimdall

You can publish the config file by running:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="NorseBlue\Heimdall\HeimdallServiceProvider" --tag=heimdall-config

You can install the service provider by running:

php artisan heimdall:install


To get more in-depth knowledge about this package, please refer to the Official Documentation.


Please refer to the file for more information about what has changed recently.


Contributions to this project are accepted and encouraged. Please read the file for details on contributions.


To test this package run:

composer test

To find out the test coverage run:

composer coverage

To find issues by statically analyzing the code run:

composer analyse

To get code insights run:

composer insights

To fix styling issues run:

composer format


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This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.