Tranform a swagger (multifile or plainfile) into markdown doc file based on template files. The generated doc is more a sskeltton of doc than a full finished doc file (depends of the documentation into your swagger file)

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PHP Swagger To Markdown (md)

Transform a swagger (multifile / monofile) into md documents based on templates

A Swagger(OpenAPI) transformation to on markdown file as helper based on the PHP Swagger Validator. Having a md doc file based on a swagger file is interesting to having plain file to explain what is need for each exposed resources

Swagger is old name of OpenAPI Projet and who manage the OAI Specification

Need to do

  • realse a first version


Help us to fix error with compatibilities

  • scope PHP 5.5 to PHP 7.0

Installation Guide

  • Install into a git repository as submodule :
git submodule init
git submodule add --branch v1.0.x https://github.com/njuhel/php-swagger-to-md build/lib/swagger-to-md
git submodule update
  • Install by cloning git :
git clone --branch v1.0.x https://github.com/njuhel/php-swagger-to-md swagger-to-md
  • Install with composer (adding this in composer.json):
    "require": {
  • Install with phar :
wget https://github.com/njuhel/php-swagger-to-md/raw/v1.0.x/bin/Swagger-to-md.phar 

Example & Docs