PHP client for ApiDQ API

v1.0.0 2021-09-26 13:15 UTC

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This is the PHP ApiDQ API client. This library allows using of the actual API version. You can find more info in the documentation.


Follow those steps to install the library:

  1. Download and install Composer package manager.
  2. Install the library from the Packagist by executing this command:
composer require nikitaksv/apidq-client-php:"~1.0"

Note: API client uses php-http/client-implementation as a PSR-18, PSR-17 implementation. You can replace those implementations during installation by installing this library with the implementation of your choice, like this:

composer require symfony/http-client guzzlehttp/psr7 nikitaksv/apidq-client-php:"~1.0"


Firstly, you should initialize the Client. The easiest way to do this is to use the SimpleClientFactory:

$client = \ApiDQ\Factory\SimpleClientFactory::createClient('', 'apiKey');
$client = \ApiDQ\Factory\SimpleClientFactory::createClientWithCache('', 'apiKey', $psrCache);
$client = \ApiDQ\Factory\SimpleClientFactory::createClientWithFileCache('', 'apiKey', sys_get_temp_dir());

The client is separated into several resource groups, all of which are accessible through the Client's public properties. You can call API methods from those groups like this:

$cleanResponse = $client->address->clean(
    (new \ApiDQ\Model\Service\Address\CleanRequest())

To handle errors you must use two types of exceptions:

  • ApiDQ\Exception\Service\ServiceException for the api service error.
  • ApiDQ\Exception\Client\BuilderException for the client builder error.