Image support in CKEditor for the TYPO3 ecosystem

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v11.0.4 2022-06-02 10:40 UTC


This extension adds the TYPO3 image browser to CKEditor.
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  • Same image handling as rtehtmlarea (magic images, usual RTE TSConfig supported)
  • Image browser as usual in e.g. FAL file selector
  • Dialog for changing width, height, alt and title (aspect ratio automatically maintained)


  1. Install the extension

    1. with composer from packagist

      composer req netresearch/rte-ckeditor-image
    2. download from TYPO3 TER

  2. Activate the extension

    1. in Extension Manager

    2. via command line

      ./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase extension:install rte_ckeditor_image
  3. Add a preset for rte_ckeditor or override the default one (as below):

    // EXT:my_ext/ext_localconf.php`
    $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['RTE']['Presets']['default'] = 'EXT:my_ext/Configuration/RTE/Default.yaml';
    # EXT:my_ext/Configuration/RTE/Default.yaml
      # Import default RTE config (for example)
      - { resource: "EXT:rte_ckeditor/Configuration/RTE/Default.yaml" }
      # Import the image plugin configuration
      - { resource: "EXT:rte_ckeditor_image/Configuration/RTE/Plugin.yaml" }
        # RTE default config removes image plugin - restore it:
        removePlugins: null
  4. Enable RTE config preset (e.g. default)

    # Page TSConfig
    RTE.default.preset = default
  5. Include extension Static Template file

    1. go to Template » Info/Modify » Edit whole template record » Includes
    2. choose CKEditor Image Support for Include static (from extensions)


Maximum width/height

The maximum dimensions relate to the configuration for magic images which have to be set in Page TSConfig:

# Page TSConfig
RTE.default.buttons.image.options.magic {
    maxWidth = 1020  # Default: 300
    maxHeight = 800  # Default: 1000

Current versions of TYPO3 won't render TSConfig settings correctly out of custom template extensions (see the corresponding T3 bug: In this case just add the settings to root page config.

Usage as lightbox with fluid_styled_content

# Template Constants
styles.content.textmedia.linkWrap.lightboxEnabled = 1

Configure a default css class for every image

# TS Setup

lib.parseFunc_RTE {
    // default class for images in bodytext:
    nonTypoTagStdWrap.HTMLparser.tags.img.fixAttrib.class {
      default = my-custom-class

Image lazyload support

The extension supports TYPO3 lazyload handling (fluid_styled_content) for native browser lazyload.

# Template Constants type=options[lazy,eager,auto]
styles.content.image.lazyLoading = lazy

Allowed extensions

By default the extensions from $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['GFX']['imagefile_ext'] are allowed. However you can override this for CKEditor by adding the following to your YAML configuration:

        allowedExtensions: "jpg,jpeg,png"