Helps running Moodle plugins analysis checks and tests under various CI environments.

3.2.1 2021-07-30 19:13 UTC


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The goal of this project is to facilitate the running of tests and code analysis against a Moodle plugin using CI environments, such as Travis CI or GitHub Actions. All of these tests and tools are run everytime a change is pushed to a GitHub branch or pull request.

History, acknowledgement and appreciation

This repository is a fork of the original moodle-plugin-ci, created and maintained by MoodleRooms / Blackboard over the last years. All the licenses, copyrights and authorship of the original code and commits have been kept unmodified, how not!

After some unsuccessful attempts over the last months to keep the product alive and maintained, proposing updates and fixes via standard pull requests, asking for some alternative collaboration schemas, and specially with the urgency of some changes to be implemented in order to keep the tool working with modern Moodle versions, it was decided, by Moodle HQ, to create this fork and take on its maintenance officially.

Many, many thanks to all the collaborators, very specially to Mark Nielsen for all the hard work making this product such a great tool for the entire Moodle development community, we'll try to keep the bar high!

And, of course, everybody is welcome to participate and help here, it's Open Source, you know!