Simple factory library to create a flysystem instance from a url


This is a factory package to provide for an easy to use configuration and api for flysystem users.

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PHP_Compatibility 5.4 and up PHP_Compatibility 7.0 and up


You can require the bundle:

composer require mjrider/flysystem-factory

Various backends require additional composer packages. Due to the fact that some are mutual exclusive they are not not a dependency for this package. Please install them conform your own needs


  • B2: mhetreramesh/flysystem-backblaze
  • S3: league/flysystem-aws-s3-v3


  • Memcached: ext-memcached
  • Predis: predis/predis

The syntax for the url follows the following scheme adapter://user:pass@[host|region]/sub/folder?extraparam=foo

For the full list of supported options per adapter see the examples.


Examples are listed in de examples.md.


From time to time there will be breaking change. These will be documented in UPGRADING.md.

It is highly recommended to check what has changed before upgrading to a new minor or major release.


The master branch is protected so that at least one other developer approves by reviewing the change.

For more information about required reviews for pull requests, please check the official GitHub documentation.


The code is accompanied by tests. These can be run using:


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The code in this repository has been licensed under an MIT License.