This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

An opinionated platform stack for Drupal with Docker Compose

v1.0.12 2017-06-14 16:03 UTC


Platform Docker is a CLI tool for scaffolding docker-compose configuration for PHP projects, currently opinionated at PHP projects. Running platform-docker in a directory will create a multi-container application environment for local development.

Currently support is focused at Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. However there is rudimentary WordPress support. Generic PHP applications should be easy to implement.



First, if you do not have Docker then head over to their documentation and see how to install for your machine. For OSX and Windows users, make sure you have Virtual Box installed and docker-machine configured, follow these instructions for the later and ensure you have ran docker-machine create --driver virtualbox default.

composer global require mglaman/platform-docker


Use within any directory. Until the app itself can scaffold a folder, it's expecting a folder structure of

  • /shared (if not present it will be made)
  • /www (required, this is your build)
  • /repository (not required, but opinionated this is the source of what was built.)
  • /tests (default directory it will look for Behat tests, however checks shared and www)

If you are on Mac OS X, export PLATFORM_DOCKER_MACHINE_NAME with your Docker machine name. The tool will automatically boot the machine or export its environment information as needed. For example, put 12 export PLATFORM_DOCKER_MACHINE_NAME="vmname" in your .bash_profile.



There is a redis container available. Currently it can be added by adding the following to .platform-project in the root directory of the project

  - redis


An Apache Solr container is available with the default server URI is http://solr:8983/solr Currently it can be added by adding the following to .platform-project in the root directory of the project

  - solr


There is a helper command which patches Drupal to log xhprof items, and then turn them into a flamegraph.

Behat tests

Searches for behat.yml files, laucnches a Selenium (Firefox) container and executes tests.


Available commands:
  drush                              Runs a Drush command for environment.
  help                               Displays help for a command
  init                               Setup Platform and Docker Compose files
  link                               Displays link to local environment, with port.
  list                               Lists commands
  docker:logs                        Tails the logs of a specific service container
  docker:proxy (proxy)               Starts the nginx proxy container
  docker:rebuild                     Rebuild configurations and containers
  docker:restart (reboot)            Restarts the docker containers
  docker:ssh                         Allows for quick SSH into a service container.
  docker:stop (stop)                 Stops the docker containers
  docker:up (start)                  Starts the docker containers
  flamegraph:create                  Creates a flamegraph from xhprof folder contents.
  flamegraph:setup                   Sets the project up for generating flamegrapghs.
  flamegraph:unpatch                 Unpatches index.php to stop xhprof logging.
  project:behat (behat)              Runs behat test suite for project. Checks ./tests, ./www, ./shared and ./repository by default.
  project:db-sync                    Syncs database from environment to local
  provider:platformsh (platformsh)   Sets up a project