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🇷🇺 Русским гражданам

Мы, участники Laminas, родились и живем в разных странах. У многих из нас есть друзья, родственники и коллеги как в России, так и в Украине. Некоторые из нас родились в России. Некоторые из нас живут в России. У некоторых бабушки и дедушки сражались с фашистами во Второй мировой войне. Здесь никто не поддерживает фашизм.

У одного из нас есть украинская родственница, которая спаслась из дома вместе с сыном. Поезд задержался из-за бомбежки на дороге впереди. У нас есть друзья, которые прячутся в бомбоубежищах. Мы с тревогой ждем весточки от них после воздушных налетов, которые беспорядочно наносят удары и попадают по больницам, школам, детским садам и домам. Мы не берем это из каких-либо СМИ. Мы наблюдаем это напрямую.

Вы доверяете нам достаточно, чтоб использовать наши программы, и мы просим вас довериться нам вновь. Мы нуждаемся в помощи. Выходите и протестуйте против этой бесполезной войны. Остановите кровопролитие. Скажите "Нет войне!"

🇺🇸 To Citizens of Russia

We at Laminas come from all over the world. Many of us have friends, family and colleagues in both Russia and Ukraine. Some of us were born in Russia. Some of us currently live in Russia. Some have grandparents who fought Nazis in World War II. Nobody here supports fascism.

One team member has a Ukrainian relative who fled her home with her son. The train was delayed due to bombing on the road ahead. We have friends who are hiding in bomb shelters. We anxiously follow up on them after the air raids, which indiscriminately fire at hospitals, schools, kindergartens and houses. We're not taking this from any media. These are our actual experiences.

You trust us enough to use our software. We ask that you trust us to say the truth on this. We need your help. Go out and protest this unnecessary war. Stop the bloodshed. Say "stop the war!"

Begin developing PSR-15 middleware applications in seconds!

mezzio builds on laminas-stratigility to provide a minimalist PSR-15 middleware framework for PHP with routing, DI container, optional templating, and optional error handling capabilities.

This installer will setup a skeleton application based on mezzio by choosing optional packages based on user input as demonstrated in the following screenshot:


The user selected packages are saved into composer.json so that everyone else working on the project have the same packages installed. Configuration files and templates are prepared for first use. The installer command is removed from composer.json after setup succeeded, and all installer related files are removed.

Getting Started

Start your new Mezzio project with composer:

$ composer create-project mezzio/mezzio-skeleton <project-path>

After choosing and installing the packages you want, go to the <project-path> and start PHP's built-in web server to verify installation:

$ composer serve

You can then browse to http://localhost:8080.

Installing alternative packages

There is a feature to install alternative packages: Instead of entering one of the selection you can actually type the package name and version.

  Which template engine do you want to use?
  [1] Plates
  [2] Twig
  [3] zend-view installs zend-servicemanager
  [n] None of the above
  Make your selection or type a composer package name and version (n): infw/pug:0.1
  - Searching for infw/pug:0.1
  - Adding package infw/pug (0.1)

That feature allows you to install any alternative package you want. It has its limitations though:

  • The alternative package must follow this format namespace/package:1.0. It needs the correct version.
  • Templates are not copied, but the ConfigProvider can be configured in such way that it uses the default templates directly from the package itself.
  • This doesn't work for containers as the container.php file needs to be copied.


If the installer fails during the composer create-project phase, please go through the following list before opening a new issue. Most issues we have seen so far can be solved by self-update and clear-cache.

  1. Be sure to work with the latest version of composer by running composer self-update.
  2. Try clearing Composer's cache by running composer clear-cache.

If neither of the above help, you might face more serious issues:

Application Development Mode Tool

This skeleton comes with laminas-development-mode. It provides a composer script to allow you to enable and disable development mode.

To enable development mode

Note: Do NOT run development mode on your production server!

$ composer development-enable

Note: Enabling development mode will also clear your configuration cache, to allow safely updating dependencies and ensuring any new configuration is picked up by your application.

To disable development mode

$ composer development-disable

Development mode status

$ composer development-status

Configuration caching

By default, the skeleton will create a configuration cache in data/config-cache.php. When in development mode, the configuration cache is disabled, and switching in and out of development mode will remove the configuration cache.

You may need to clear the configuration cache in production when deploying if you deploy to the same directory. You may do so using the following:

$ composer clear-config-cache

You may also change the location of the configuration cache itself by editing the config/config.php file and changing the config_cache_path entry of the local $cacheConfig variable.

Skeleton Development

This section applies only if you cloned this repo with git clone, not when you installed mezzio with composer create-project ....

If you want to run tests against the installer, you need to clone this repo and setup all dependencies with composer. Make sure you prevent composer running scripts with --no-scripts, otherwise it will remove the installer and all tests.

$ composer update --no-scripts
$ composer test

Please note that the installer tests remove installed config files and templates before and after running the tests.

Before contributing read the contributing guide.