laminas-view PhpRenderer integration for Mezzio

2.2.0 2019-12-31 15:45 UTC


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laminas-view PhpRenderer integration for Mezzio.


Install this library using composer:

$ composer require mezzio/mezzio-laminasviewrenderer

We recommend using PSR-11 compatible dependency injection container. We can recommend the following implementations:

  • laminas-servicemanager: composer require laminas/laminas-servicemanager
  • Pimple: composer require laminas/laminas-pimple-config
  • Aura.Di: composer require laminas/laminas-auradi-config

View Helpers

To use view helpers, the LaminasViewRendererFactory:

  • requires a config service; with
  • a view_helpers sub-key; which
  • follows standard laminas-servicemanager configuration.


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