Mediatis - TYPO3 Coding Standards

1.0.5 2023-10-05 14:26 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-29 15:26:04 UTC



Make sure that you removed old code quality and pipeline configuration files or folders, e.g. rector.php, .php-cs-fixer.php, .phpstan.

Make sure, your composer.json does not have any dev-requirements on explicit code-quality packages (like phpunit/phpunit, rector/rector, typo3/coding-standards and so on).

Make sure your .gitignore file includes the folder .Build and the file composer.lock.


Install the TYPO3 coding-standards package.

composer require --dev --with-all-dependencies mediatis/typo3-coding-standards

Run the kickstart script to install configuration files. Pass the lowest TYPO3 major version number that your extension supports.

./.Build/bin/mediatis-typo3-coding-standards-setup 11|12

Usage - Check

Run all checks:

composer run-script ci

Run group checks:

# run all code quality checks
composer run-script ci:static

# all php tests and code quality checks
composer run-script ci:php

Run specific checks:

composer run-script ci:composer:normalize
composer run-script ci:composer:psr-verify
composer run-script ci:php:rector
composer run-script ci:php:cs-fixer
composer run-script ci:php:stan

Usage - Fix

Run group fixes:

composer run-script fix:php

Run specific fixes:

composer run-script fix:php:rector
composer run-script fix:php:cs
composer run-script fix:composer:normalize