Mediatis - Coding Standards

1.1.0 2024-06-23 13:37 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-23 13:38:35 UTC


Code Quality Package


Make sure that you removed old code quality and pipeline configuration files or folders, e.g. rector.php, .php-cs-fixer.php, .phpstan.

Make sure, your composer.json does not have any dev-requirements on explicit code-quality packages (like phpunit/phpunit, rector/rector and so on).

Make sure your .gitignore file includes the folder vendor and the file composer.lock.


Install the coding-standards package.

composer require --dev --with-all-dependencies mediatis/coding-standards

Run the kickstart script to install configuration files.


The files that are usually merged (mostly CI configuration) can be reset and overwritten with the argument reset. The composer.json is an exception; it is always merged.

./vendor/bin/mediatis-coding-standards-setup reset

Usage - Check

Run all checks:

composer ci

Run group checks:

# all php tests and code quality checks
composer ci:php

# all php tests
composer ci:php:tests

# all php code quality checks
composer ci:php:static

# all composer-related checks
composer ci:composer

Run specific checks:

composer ci:composer:normalize
composer ci:composer:psr-verify
composer ci:composer:validate
composer ci:php:lint
composer ci:php:rector
composer ci:php:cs-fixer
composer ci:php:stan
composer ci:php:tests:unit
composer ci:php:tests:integration

Usage - Fix

Run all fixes:

composer fix

Run group fixes:

composer fix:php
composer fix:composer

Run specific fixes:

composer fix:php:rector
composer fix:php:cs
composer fix:composer:normalize