A powerful, flexible and easy to use alternative for the existing Sonata Media Bundle


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This bundle is an alternative to the existing Sonata Media Bundle.

The concept of this bundle is to provide an easy method of uploading different kinds of media to your admin with an easy method of displaying thumbnails and embeds. It is assumed you have some kind of persistent storage behind a CDN or reverse proxy where you place your images on and your CDN or reverse proxy can cache redirect headers to prevent end users hitting your web servers.


  • Supports many file systems to store the media (S3, Azure, Google Cloud, (S)FTP, Rackspace)
  • Supports image uploads, file uploads, YouTube, Vimeo & SoundCloud
  • Supports a private and public storage
  • Generate thumbnails with various options
  • Caches redirects to your images in your CDN or reverse proxy by using cache control headers
  • Embed media with Twig filters


Please refer to the files in the /docs folder.

System Requirements

You need:

  • PHP >= 7.4
  • Symfony Framework >= 5.1
  • Sonata Admin >= 4.0
  • Flysystem >= 4.0
  • Glide >= 2.0

To use the library.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.


  • Sonata Project for creating their Media Bundle which was obviously the main inspiration for this alternative bundle
  • Flysystem for accessing different kinds of file systems
  • Glide for providing a great api to do image manipulation


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.