AWS CloudWatch Handler for Monolog library

v1.1.3 2017-10-02 14:32 UTC


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Handler for PHP logging library Monolog for sending log entries to AWS CloudWatch Logs service.

Before using this library, it's recommended to get acquainted with the pricing for AWS CloudWatch services.

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  • Up to 10000 batch logs sending in order to avoid Rate exceeded errors
  • Log Groups creating with tags
  • AWS CloudWatch Logs staff lazy loading
  • Suitable for web applications and for long-living CLI daemons and workers
  • Compatible with PHP 5.6 / 7.0 / 7.1


Install the latest version with Composer

$ composer require maxbanton/cwh:^1.0


Change in your composer.json

  "require": {
    "maxbanton/cwh": "^0.0.3"


  "require": {
    "maxbanton/cwh": "^1.0"

then run

$ composer update

and change your code

// Instantiate handler
$handler = new CloudWatch($client, $logGroupName, $logStreamName, $daysToRetention);


// Instantiate handler (tags are optional)
$handler = new CloudWatch($client, $groupName, $streamName, $retentionDays, 10000, ['my-awesome-tag' => 'tag-value']);

Basic Usage


use Aws\CloudWatchLogs\CloudWatchLogsClient;
use Maxbanton\Cwh\Handler\CloudWatch;
use Monolog\Logger;

$sdkParams = [
    'region' => 'eu-west-1',
    'version' => 'latest',
    'credentials' => [
        'key' => 'your AWS key',
        'secret' => 'your AWS secret',
        'token' => 'your AWS session token', // token is optional

// Instantiate AWS SDK CloudWatch Logs Client
$client = new CloudWatchLogsClient($sdkParams);

// Log group name, will be created if none
$groupName = 'php-logtest';

// Log stream name, will be created if none
$streamName = 'ec2-instance-1';

// Days to keep logs, 14 by default
$retentionDays = 30;

// Instantiate handler (tags are optional)
$handler = new CloudWatch($client, $groupName, $streamName, $retentionDays, 10000, ['my-awesome-tag' => 'tag-value']);

// Create a log channel
$log = new Logger('name');

// Set handler

// Add records to the log

Frameworks integration

And many others


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