Microsoft Azure Blob Storage integration for Laravel's Storage API

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Microsoft Azure Blob Storage integration for Laravel's Storage API


Install the package using composer:

composer require matthewbdaly/laravel-azure-storage

On Laravel versions before 5.5 you also need to add the service provider to config/app.php manually:


Then add this to the disks section of config/filesystems.php:

        'azure' => [
            'driver'    => 'azure',
            'name'      => env('AZURE_STORAGE_NAME'),
            'key'       => env('AZURE_STORAGE_KEY'),
            'container' => env('AZURE_STORAGE_CONTAINER'),
            'url'       => env('AZURE_STORAGE_URL'),
            'prefix'    => null,

Finally, add the fields AZURE_STORAGE_NAME, AZURE_STORAGE_KEY, AZURE_STORAGE_CONTAINER and AZURE_STORAGE_URL to your .env file with the appropriate credentials. The AZURE_STORAGE_URL field is optional, this allows you to set a custom URL to be returned from Storage::url(), if using the $root container the URL will be returned without the container path. A prefix can be optionally used. If it's not set, the container root is used. Then you can set the azure driver as either your default or cloud driver and use it to fetch and retrieve files as usual.

For details on how to use this driver, refer to the Laravel documentation on the file storage API.

Support policy

This package is supported on the current Laravel LTS version, and any later versions. If you are using an older Laravel version, it may work, but I offer no guarantees, nor will I accept pull requests to add this support.

By extension, as the current Laravel LTS version required PHP 7.0 or greater, I don't test it against PHP < 7, nor will I accept any pull requests to add this support.