This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the avored/laravel-ecommerce package instead.

The AvoRed Ecommerce App

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AvoRed an laravel headless e commerce

A headless e commerce GraphQL API which uses Laravel as a backend.


Backend APP setup

First thing first we will install laravel backend api service. First thing first we will install the laravel app.

composer create-project laravel/laravel avored-backend
cd avored-backend
composer require avored/framework
composer require avored/dummy-data
composer require avored/cash-on-delivery
composer require avored/pickup

Set up your .env values and CORS

To fixed the CORS in your laravel8 app. You can open config/cors.php and replace the code like below in the file.

'allowed_origins' => ['http://localhost:8080'],

Once the .env setup is done then we can install the AvoRed E commerce

php artisan avored:install
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="AvoRed\Framework\AvoRedServiceProvider"

Once the avored/framework has been installed after that we will make sure we setup the CORS to allow access of an graphql api via any frontend.

Frontend APP Setup
git clone avored-frontend
cd avored-frontend
npm install
npm run serve

Installation via Docker

Execute the below command:

git clone
cd docker-dev

git clone ./src/frontend
docker-compose up -d
docker-compose run --rm composer create-project laravel/laravel:8.6 ./
docker-compose run --rm composer require avored/framework
docker-compose run --rm composer require avored/dummy-data avored/cash-on-delivery avored/pickup

Now setup .env file. Open a avored app .env file which is located at ./src/backend/.env then setup your database and any other env as per your docker-compose.yml file


Now we just have to install the AvoRed and create an avored admin user account

docker-compose run --rm artisan avored:install
docker-compose run --rm artisan vendor:publish --provider="AvoRed\Framework\AvoRedServiceProvider"

Now we need to setup CORS so frontend application can receive api call from backnd. Open ./src/backend/config/cors.php then replace the below line

    'paths' => ['/graphql', 'sanctum/csrf-cookie'],
    'allowed_origins' => ['http://localhost:8060'],

That's It. Now you can visit http://localhost:8060 for frontend and for backend you can visit http://localhost:8050/admin