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Core package for AvoRed Shopping Cart

AvoRed Framework contains the core features for the AvoRed E-commerce for Laravel. It is the base behind the AvoRed and Laravel Ecommerce.


At this stage the minimum Lavarel version required is 5.8. If you are using an older version, let us know at our Discussion Forum. We can test if it works and add support for that version too.


The AvoRed E-commerce framework is provided as a composer package, so it makes installation of AvoRed as easy as:

 composer require avored/framework

Once this is finished, you will need to run a few commands to finish up and then you are ready to roll.

Publish the files

Publish the AvoRed E-commerce framework config file and assets (JS/CSS and images):

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="AvoRed\Framework\AvoRedServiceProvider"

Once all the files are published, we can run the command to install the required database tables.

php artisan avored:install

We are almost there. Now create your Administrator Account by running:

php artisan avored:admin:make

That's It.

Now visit: