LUYA is a scalable web framework and content management system with the goal to please developers, clients and users alike.

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The Yii 2 PHP Framework wrapper which provides out of the box functions like an administration interface, a beautiful looking content management system, payment modules, agency workflows and other tools to develop your website pretty fast!

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LUYA RC4 Admin


We have a made an absolut easy to understand STEP-BY-STEP Guide to install LUYA:

  • How to install
  • Video Tutorials

Other helpfull informations:

Questions and Problems

If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to find support in the following channels.

Bug Report

When reporting bugs, it is important to understand where to create the issue. The most common modules are:

  • Core The core library, which extends the Yii Framework.
  • CMS The Content Management System Admin and Frontend. Working with Blocks, render CMS Pages, etc.
  • Admin The admin UI itself, including all CRUD operations belongs to this module.


We are always looking for people who share their thoughts, code and problems with us. Below the links to the contribution guides:

Help us building LUYA

Unit Test

  1. Create Database (example luya_env_phpunit)
  2. Insert Database dump from tests/data/sql/1.0.0.sql
  3. Rename phpunit.xml.dist to phpunit.xml
  4. Change dsn, username and password in phpunit.xml
  5. Ensure you have installed current composer packages composer install with dev packages.
  6. Execute the phpunit bin file ./vendor/bin/phpunit.

Karma tests (JS)

  1. Run yarn install
  2. Run yarn test (for single run) or yarn dev to work on the tests