A pre-configured skeleton for the Silex microframework

v0.4 2014-07-22 04:11 UTC


The Project.

This is a app skeleton usgin the silex micro-framework. This skeleton contains.

  • Mustache Template Engine.
  • Silex/Application for core.
  • Symfony/form.
  • Symfony/validator.
  • Symfony web profiler.
  • YAML Routing
  • Various Symfony components!
  • Check the composer.json for more.


First, check the config/dev.php and confi/prod.php. On the configuration file, set the APPDIR variable. Don't forget to set write permission to folders cache/ adn logs/ folder.

How to create a project?

Using composer,php composer.phar create-project lukaswilkeer/silex-silicon project-folder/ v0.4, or clone thi repository.


Fork this repository, create a branch, submit a pull request with your feature.


Lukas Willkeer | @lukaswilkeer